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Sobre la novela “Mas fría que la guerra”.

Resumen: “Mas fría que la guerra”, una novela de fantasía ucrónica de ritmo trepidante.

Acabo de leer la novela “Más fría que la Guerra”, de Fabián Plaza Miranda, y me ha gustado mucho. Es una novela de fantasía ambientada a finales de los años 80 con una narración trepidante, giros narrativos sorprendentes y un mundo ficticio complejo.

La descripción de un mundo en el que la Unión Soviética va ganando la guerra fría, el franquismo se mantiene en el poder y donde la presencia de la magia es patente desde 1969 podría admitir más desarrollo, a veces uno se queda con las ganas de que el autor cuente más sobre como el mundo llegó a su situación actual y como afecta a la vida de los personajes, pero entiendo que el autor sacrificó esa exploración del mundo que imaginó (que hubiera dado lugar a un tocho de por lo menos seiscientas páginas) en aras de lograr un relato más fluido.

Al relato se le puede objetar la banalización de las drogas, todos los personajes son alcohólicos o consumidores de drogas ilegales, sin que ello les acarree perjuicios directos. Por desgracia la banalización de las drogas es muy frecuente en la cultura española contemporanea, vivimos en una sociedad colocada que no soporta estar sobria, todo un tema.

Finalmente, este premio Minotauro de 2021 resulta una lectura muy atractiva, habrá que tener en cuenta los premios Minotauro como referencia a la hora de escoger lecturas.

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from MonAaraj

Coming from someone who was long skeptical of Nix and NixOS until 4 days ago (well, skeptical is putting it lightly..), I think that Nix is great. But I also think it isn't great.

It's one of the only good experiences I've ever had, while trying to use a single package manager to manage every single package I had, whether it was Haskell, Python, JavaScript, or PHP. Coming from Arch, the packages of most of these languages are known as a very bad experience. Naturally, this causes people to use the language's own package manager, like Cabal, Pip, and NPM.

But even if you didn't do that... if you were a developer in said language, you'd also need to install these tools and learn them as well to continue with your project. That's ignoring the fact that they mostly don't go as far as Nix does; So they likely skimp out on reproducibility[1], dependency management, package management methods (like how updating and uninstalling things are actions that don't exist in some very popular package managers (looking at you, Pip and Cabal!), managing environments between projects, ephemeral ways to install and experiment with packages... and portability. There's more, but I think you get the point.

I think, at this point, languages creating package managers for their tool, is like text editors creating languages for configuration... it is really disgusting, and is likely going to be horrible to use. Plus, if they didn't, they'd gain more time working on the language itself rather than some bad tooling. And if they really wanted to work on tooling, they can work on improve Nix, which I think is very important to do in this scenario.

Nix is really bad. I mean the language, of course: It just seems to be the exact opposite of what it tries to be. Dynamically typed, python-ish magic variables and really wet-noodle-y modules makes the language painful to use. Of course, there are many attempts to redeem this, but only few are up to par, like Dhall.

// TODO: Talk about how egregiously bad Nix(pkgs)/OS documentation is

That's, of course, aside from the fact that the Nixpkgs ecosystem is not structured in the best way; legacyPackages is a great show of that, in my opinion, which exists because of Nixpkg's structure being incompatible with Flakes. This seems to cause Nix to fluctuate in memory usage

Which, now that I mention flakes, they could definitely do with a bit of work. They have been experimental for a while now, robbing a lot of people of their niceties, that is if they were scared away by that status. Which, to be honest, those people aren't most of the Nix user-base, but they are a much bigger amount than you think.

Conclusion: Nix is the best, but it needs documentation to be less painful to learn, a better language to minimize errors and maximize productivity, and a better Nixpkgs repository to improve efficiency as well as compatibility with flakes.

[1]: So, “reproducibility” in Nix/OS is more of a “we worked hard to have some form of”, not “you're always going to have reproducible builds!“, you can have things fail, especially if your hardware isn't too up to par!


from Parsa

This article is about my experience with Slowly.

I used this app for a while and I find it really interesting. The way it work is, the mail you're sending won't receive immediately! The arrival depends on your distance with receiver location. For example, if you're in Germany and your Pen pal is in US, your letter will arrive in around 20 hours! In the era that all messages transfer very quickly, this one done something different! The way you find your pen pal is similar to dating apps! You write a bio, pick some pre-choose interests, create an avatar and your profile is ready! Then you can find someone with same interests. I find it good that you can only build your avatar with default shapes and not upload a photo! This way we don't judge a person by the way he/she looks. (This is just my idea) Another good thing is the stamps; It's quite a hobby! Basically you got at first your country and Slowly default stamp, then in your letters, achievements, holidays, travels( IP changes ) and Slowly plus you'll get new and cool stamps! If you want to improve your language skills, Slowly is a great choice! You can add any language and select your level; then in manual search, you can filter the language you're interested in and find the person who has skills in that language. Wrapped up, this is by far my favorite app! I recommend it to anyone who enjoy writing letters or wants to find new friends.


from Parsa

After the news about DuckduckGo selling data to Microsoft, I started to use SearX as default Search engine. For some reason I used this instance which wasn't very bad! You can choose any instance from here The thing is, if you modify the setting in this order:

  • Search language → Default language
  • Autocomplete → DuckduckGo

you’ll get the best result! But there is a problem, setting will change it self automatically! I choose dark theme (naturally) as default but every time I open the browser, setting was backed to default! And it was REALLY annoying. I came back to DuckduckGo only because of this reason.


from Parsa

همه ما شنیدیم که میگن: “خانم‌ها باید با مردهای بزرگ‌تر از خودشون ازدواج کنن چون ۴ سال زودتر به درک و فهم میرسند!”

البته با کمی فکر میشه به ریشه این جمله پی برد. این جمله در اصل ریشه دینی داره و ربطی به اینکه کدوم جنس زودتر به فهم و بلوغ فکری میرسه نداره! قضیه مربوط میشه به بلوغ جسمی و سن تکلیف. خانم‌ها به صورت میانگین چهار سال زودتر از آقایون به بلوغ جسمی میرسن و در گذشته رسیدن به بلوغ جسمی تنها معیار ازدواج بود. در قدیم، دختر و پسر که به بلوغ میرسیدن باید بچه میاوردن و دیگه بحث سن، تفاهم، فهم و شعور نبود. این جمله نسل به نسل گشت و امروز با تعبیر اشتباه، به خانم‌ها این توهم رو دادن که زودتر از آقایان به بلوغ فکری میرسند! بلوغ فکری هیچ ربطی به سن و جنسیت نداره. بلوغ فکری ناشی از تجربه و در اجتماع بودن هست. در نتیجه بلوغ فکری، فرد به پختگی می‌رسه. برای مثال: خانم ۶۰ ساله‌ای که تمام عمرش تو خونه بوده پخته‌تره یا پسر ۲۰ ساله‌ای که از بچگی تو بازار بزرگ شده؟ طبق تجربیاتم، اون خانم فهمش در حد یک بچه ۶ ساله هست و اون پسر نسبت به سنش خیلی پخته‌تره. این جمله رو از من داشته باش:

“بهتره یکی رو پیدا کنی که پخته باشه، نه یکی که سنش بیشتر باشه. اختلاف نسل ادمو کلافه میکنه.”

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from Parsa

متون علمی و فلسفی را به فارسی نوشتن، مثل این است که کاروان را در شب ببری.

'ابوریحان بیرونی'

زبان فارسی فقر کلمه داره! این یک واقعیت هست. فرهنگستان زبان و ادب فارسی، با ساختن کلمات مسخره و بی‌اساس، معضل بزرگی ایجاد کرده. هیچ ایرادی تو وارد کردن کلمه نیست! مشکل کلمه “طیاره” چی بود که کلمه مسخره “هواپیما” رو جایگزینش کردن؟ خیلی از زبان‌های دنیا کلمه‌ای که ندارن، وارد میکنن؛ کلماتی که دارن هم ترجمه میکنن. مثلاً ما میتونیم به Mouse کامپیوتر به‌جای “Mouse” بگیم “موش” چون همون معنی رو میده. یکی از مشکلاتی که در ساخت واژه بهش فکر نشده، لهجه‌هاست. زبان فارسی لهجه‌های زیادی داره و واژه‌هایی که ساخته میشن، تلفظ لهجه‌ها رو در نظر نمیگیره! مورد دیگر الفبا عربی هست که یکی از عوامل عقب موندگی ما و ارتباط کم ما با دنیاست. متأسفانه الفبا عربی، نه تنها پشتیبانی خوبی از زبان فارسی نداره، بلکه اصلاً نمیتونه لهجه‌ها رو ادا کنه! برای مثال: 'من د شومه سره' 'Man da shoome sere' معنی: من به خانه میروم (با لهجه مازنی) با کدوم تونستید لهجه رو ادا کنید؟ با استفاده از الفبا لاتین ما میتونیم زبان فارسی و لهجه‌ها رو به خوبی در نوشتار بفهمونیم. البته منظور من فینگلیش نیست! راه حل اینه که ما از نو اصول نوشتاری رو بسازیم، نه با کمک فرهنگستان زبان و ادب، بلکه با ساختن یک Community و یک وبسایت. بعضی‌ها میگن با تغییر به الفبا لاتین آثار ادبی ما فراموش میشه! این حرف بی‌نهایت اشتباهه، چون ما میتونیم تمام آثار ادبی رو با واژگان لاتین بازنویسی کنیم. نوشتن با الفبا لاتین خوندنش رو برای بقیه کشورها آسون‌تر میکنه و باعث میشه ادبیات ما به جهان صادر بشه.

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from - Technology

Even if I already have a blog as a static site, I am starting a new blog in the FediVerse.

But why?

First of all I want to do more activism against #gafam and for more #privacy and even if it looks like it's extreme to avoid Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and even more huge companies it feels just amazing every time another bug was removed from my life.

What will be the new blog about?

Because I already have a blog about topics like self-development and sustainability, I would like to write about tech, especially about Linux, coding and open source software. Even if those topics are very close together, the tech topics might be too nerdy and I could scare away readers, which are enjoying my main blog.

So let's start to change the world...


from Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control

Pest Control Services Englewood FL

There are several pest control companies in Sarasota. However, Signature Home Lawn & Pest Control is widely regarded as one of the most reliable Sarasota Pest Control. As a leading lawn and pest control company, Signature Home Lawn & Pest Control is dedicated to providing top-quality service to its customers. Mr Rinaldo, who hails from Englewood, Florida, and recently graduated from Lemon Bay High School, is the company's main focus. Kevin's father inspired him to start his own pest control company, which inspired him to start one up. He was committed to providing excellent customer service and providing the most effective lawn and pest control services to his customers. We are now working for pest control companies in Sarasota, Manatee, and Englewood for all types of pests, including mice.

We at Signature Home Lawn & Pest Control are committed to helping individuals maintain pest-free homes and businesses by offering effective and affordable pest control services. A variety of pest management services are provided by us, such as pest control for interior areas, termite control, and rodent control, among others. There are many advanced techniques and technologies that we use to eliminate any pests fast and effectively, leaving your home or business clean and pest-free.

Why Choose Us to Protect Your Home from Harmful Pest:

Undoubtedly, Signature Home Lawn & Pest Control is one of the best pest control companies in Englewood, even though the surrounding area has several pest control companies to choose from. Providing you with exceptional lawn care and pest control services is our commitment at Signature Home Lawn & Pest Control. His father was the one who motivated him to start a pest control business. Since he believed that his father would support the project, he founded Signature Home Lawn & Pest Control. His major objectives were to provide exceptional customer service, superior lawn care, and effective pest control. Currently, we focus on pest control in Englewood and pest control in Sarasota, Manatee, and Rodent Island. It is important to note that each pest control company utilizes a variety of baits and chemicals to eradicate pests. The Signature Pest Control technicians know the most effective and safe methods of baiting and insecticide application. Our company is the only one that has extensive experience in pest control in Englewood. Our company's specialists can identify insect species and treat them accordingly. Therefore, we can achieve positive results with varying doses for different pests. Our customers' retention rate is increasing, which is an excellent sign for our company.

How do We work?

If you want a free quote from Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control, call them today for the most expert advice! Many different methods can be used when it comes to pest control. We at Signature perform a comprehensive evaluation of your property's interiors and exteriors as the first step in our process.

It is also important that you describe your observations during our examination. Our highly trained and certified staff is also capable of detecting entryways in your home. This is based on signs of insect activity and other issues such as high humidity levels. Our highly qualified and certified staff has identified these issues. After reviewing your final results with your specialist, we will devise a tailor-made solution to meet your particular needs based on the results of your tests. Regarding termites, you should be aware of a few indicators to keep an eye out for. Observe any of these and use a repellent if necessary. You can do many things to prevent and control termites in your home to ensure that your property is valued for as long as possible.

Our Specialties in Pest Control:

Pest control companies use various baits and chemicals to eliminate pests, but their success rates are not the same. The professionals at Signature Pest Control are knowledgeable and experienced about the proper and safe dosage of baits and chemicals that will bring the highest rate of success. It has been our company's privilege to be the only one that has been in the Sarasota pest control industry for so long. Additionally, our pest control experts are well-trained in finding the types of pests and what to do to get rid of them. Because of this, we are able to provide different dosages to deal with different pests, making our products highly effective. And our rate of customer retention is really satisfying.

Interior Pest Control:

There are several ways to get rid of pests inside your home, but the most effective way is to hire a professional pest control company to do the job. A large number of these companies also provide interior pest control services, allowing them to help you get rid of bugs such as ants, spiders, roaches, and other creatures that can be causing problems in your home. Also, they'll be removing insulation, cleaning up debris, and sealing leaks in your home as part of the service. If you are looking for an interior pest control company in Sarasota, Manatee County, or the surrounding areas, feel free to contact one of the listed interior pest control companies or us to get started.

Rodent Control:

Rodents can cause a lot of trouble in home offices and corporate offices. Additionally, they can cause significant damage to the materials that make up your home. Whether you live in Sarasota, Florida or another surrounding area and are currently experiencing a rodent problem or want to ensure you are protected against rodents. Please click here to get in touch with the best Sarasota pest control companies and make an appointment to have a rodent infestation taken care of. With more than 20 years of experience handling rodents and other harmful pests, Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control have been one of Florida's most successful pest control companies for years. If you do not hire a rodent control expert, you are increasing your chances of contracting the diseases spread by rodents in your home. The experts with Signature Lawn and Pest Control are available to help you get rid of rodents in your home before they have a chance to enter.

Termite Control:

In the United States alone, termites cause a staggering $5 billion in damage yearly. Sarasota is not exempt from these conditions. In most cases, this is due to their hiding under the soil on your wood or foundation, and you cannot discover them until you have sustained significant damage to your valuables. Please get in touch with Sarasota pest control or termite removal companies if you wish to protect your property from the upcoming damage caused by termites. Call Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control today for a free evaluation! In pest control, several processes are used. We begin our process by assessing your house's interior and exterior. Let's begin by talking about what you observe. Our experts search for entryways, insects, humidity, and other issues. We will offer a custom-tailored solution based on your individual needs based on the results. Use a termite repellent if any of these indicators are observed.


englewood Pest Control


from Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control

Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control

Are you expecting to get the various kinds of baits and chemicals for your land or other property? Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control offers the best quality chemical for eradicating and damaging different types of pests. Our professional chemists know the best mixture and perfect dosages because they were trained by reputed institutions. Even they have been working here since a long time ago over pest control services. As a result, they know the correct proportion of chemicals which is useful for eradicating pests from the land.

Everyone wants to get a good harvest but it would not be possible by means of harmful pests. Again you cannot think of your land for housing purposes by the harmful pest. As Pest infections are harmful to fertile land, every landowner should do better against the pest. Most of the time pests damage fertile land and crops in two ways: exterior damage and interior damage. As we have to get a good harvest, we should use both exterior and interior pest control.

In past, the land was fertile and free from all kinds of pests. Then it was easy to grow crops but now it is not easy because of harmful pests. Pest damage your home and land which is precious to you. Even you can’t lead your comfortable life without it. With a view to protecting from this harmful pest, you should contact Sarasota pest control companies.

Every year in the USA, termites origin homeowners an incredible $5 billion in damage costs. Termites hide out the foundation and the wood of your home. Your home is your great investment. So it is your responsibility to save your property. We know the best way of termite removal. Our expert team is experts in dry wood termite removal, subterranean termite removal, termite screening, and so on. If you work with Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control, you can develop extraordinary termite safety by using eco-friendly techniques.

We provide superb termite treatments. In Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control we pledge to keep our home free from invasive pests and termites. Our active programs are as follows:

Termite Warranty Preventative Treatments

Since anyone comes to our company for getting treatment and inspection, first we recommend an annual termite inspection. It is based on your property. We use the most effective and informative plan. Our plan depends on your termite problem as well as termite threats. However annual treatment is effective for termite treatment. So we recommend our customers for taking annual treatment. If you take the annual treatment, it lasts long. Our Sarasota Pest Control ensures quality chemicals for annual treatment. Even we ensure a clear conception of the chemicals’ dosages and how to mix and treatment. We never follow the bad treatment for our future existence. With a view to getting high-quality services, you can contact our company offices.

We also offer Manatee Pest Control for the best interior pest control services and chemicals. People of Florida take continuous services where there is no complaint against our company. So you are welcome to our dedicated Pest Control Englewood FL. We always take a reasonable price which won not be unbearable for your side.

It is really stressful if you feel infestation. Most of the interior pests are so harmful that they affect the land or property greatly. Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control is a well-known interior pest control company. You are satisfied with our pest control service.

If you find a white spiral forming on your tree, you should take quick action. We give chemicals for these infections to your plants. We recommend using horticultural oil spray or insecticidal soap once in a week. And if you find your plants are in a collapse condition, you can also try to repair them otherwise it damages our entire plants.

Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control offers eradicate the mosquitos’ attracts. Among the pest, it is one of the harmful. But we eradicate mosquitos very intelligently. Even we can control them permanently. To get a mosquito-free environment, you should look forward to our dedicated pest control company. Our pest control services are the world’s best.

Are you finding a good company around your areas? So you should not wait for a moment. You just contact us for rodent control. Rodents will not be trouble, but it is necessary to protect otherwise it damages your home and property. Since you are facing this problem, you should look forward to our Pest Control Company based on rodent issues. Just contact to the company and we can solve your problem as early as possible.

Are you feel too disturbed on fire ant? So no wait. You should contact us for continuous pest control service englewood FL. We provide the top selected insecticide chemicals. We provide the chemical for longer-lasting applications which can control your property from fire ants round the year. Among the top selection, we sell chemicals by following the correct proportion. The fire ant is a very dangerous as well as a harmful insect. Even it is not a simple task for eradicating. As it is a new infestation, you should be much cautious about it. However, we are much more conscious of the fire ant. Our professionals are highly experienced in maintaining the dosages. We serve high-efficiency as well as the low-efficiency mixture. And you can follow a yearly dosage or a half-yearly dosage.

Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control is a Florida-based Industry that is locally owned and controlled, pest protecting services to and Manatee, Charlotte, and Sarasota regions. When it was 2010, we have been supporting clients in the inhabited, profitmaking, and industrial sectors through the authority in eternally concluding the door on pests. We provide both the rodent control Sarasota and termite removal services. So keep contact to us as early as possible so the pest enemy do not harm ultimately.

For getting ultimate services and perfect proportionate chemicals for exterior and interior pest control, you should come to the following address ( Office Address).

Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control 2881 Worth Ave Englewood, Fl 34224 Phone: 941-460-3034


Interior Pest Control


from iwanttobefree

I fear for my life. I do know that my fear is somewhat exaggerated. But I still feel it though. I do care about people, other, etc. I have been very happy because I stopped caring about the world, people, governments, etc.

But seeing Sri Lanka, I think something similar may happen. Of course may not be a valid reason to believe so.

It is just that I have given up hope on India.

Maybe things are becoming better. Maybe I am the one not seeing things as they are. But to me it is not improving at the rate it should be. In some ways it is becoming so much worse.

Using hatred to get votes may seem logical. But is it really only about getting votes. I mean will things be the same after all this decade. I do not know. But I do fear for myself and others.

I may be a coward. But I don't really want to be one even online. I do lack the courage to stand in elections.


from iwantobefree

I fear for my life. I do know that my fear is somewhat exaggerated. But I still feel it though. I do care about people, other, etc. I have been very happy because I stopped caring about the world, people, governments, etc.

But seeing Sri Lanka, I think something similar may happen. Of course may not be a valid reason to believe so.

It is just that I have given up hope on India.

Maybe things are becoming better. Maybe I am the one not seeing things as they are. But to me it is not improving at the rate it should be. In some ways it is becoming so much worse.

Using hatred to get votes may seem logical. But is it really only about getting votes. I mean will things be the same after all this decade. I do not know. But I do fear for myself and others.

I may be a coward. But I don't really want to be one even online. I do lack the courage to stand in elections.


from qkseo

Football Betting Techniques – Tend to be These people Worthwhile Or even What exactly is Attempt Other activities?

I am certain you've heard about soccer betting techniques, for those who have you're most likely asking yourself whether or not they tend to be worthwhile. Soccer betting techniques happen to be close to for a long period, a number of them depend on seem record details while some depend on real concept as well as fabrication associated with outcomes.

Should you wish to become a severe soccer bettor you can't wager dependent off these kinds of notions. You may need a seem technique had been will help you to continuously improve how big your own betting financial institution 30 days within as well as 30 days away. The key reason why numerous soccer betting techniques frequently wind up faltering is actually since they're depending on impractical anticipation เว็บแทงบอลออนไลน์.

In addition, however most of them include harmful staking strategies which could get rid of a person away quickly. Generally individuals utilizing these types of soccer betting techniques using a really low bank roll to begin. These people wish to consider this particular small betting financial institution as well as significantly improve this by utilizing exactly what these people think to become a wonder program.

Exactly what eventually ends up occurring is actually they end up receiving murdered. When they had been to utilize a seem technique just like a expert soccer showing support they'd possess a far greater possibility of growing their own bank roll 30 days within as well as 30 days away.

Using a expert soccer showing support you don't need to in order to be worried about all of your bank roll becoming murdered. Expert showing providers allows you to make use of seem technique supported through the advice associated with experts. These types of experts just work is actually to ensure you're obtaining the greatest soccer ideas too is the greatest possibilities regarding any kind of soccer group you decide to wager your hard earned money upon.

All you might after that require is really a seem betting technique to make sure you aren't betting more income compared to you are able to pay for to get rid of. After you have an audio betting technique 1 / 2 of the actual fight is actually virtually more than.

A great soccer ideas support may also be capable to provide you with seem cash administration guidance which supports you receive probably the most from their own soccer ideas. This can observe substantial development of the bank roll in the future, and thus you'll obtain self-confidence inside your capability to generate a residing betting soccer. Once you have already been utilizing a expert showing support for some time, your own betting will start to appear more like a good expense instead of gambling.


from qkseo

Football Betting Products — Can be Some people A good And Do i need to Have a shot at Alternative activities?

I know that you have got observed rugby betting products, assuming you have you may be very likely thinking about whether they can be a good. Rugby betting products have been completely available for many years, several people provide smart record info when provide clean basic principle and even manufacturing in gains.

If you happen to expectation as being a substantial rugby wagerer it's not possible to option depending from some of these thoughts. You must use a smart plan is will help you to significantly grow the strength of ones own betting bank or investment company 4 weeks on and even 4 weeks over. As to why a number of rugby betting products commonly result in not passing is without a doubt because they're in accordance with wild prospects แทงบอล.

Additionally, though many islands demand serious staking services which sometimes move one over before long. In most cases many people utilising a lot of these rugby betting products aquiring a lower kitty to implement. Some people aspire to have it microscopic betting bank or investment company and even radically grow the application by applying everything that some people assume as being a magical strategy.

Everything that resulted on encountering is without a doubt they can have worn out. If and when they was to employ a smart plan to be a competent rugby showing product on many occasions they'd contain a greater opportunity of maximizing ones own kitty 4 weeks on and even 4 weeks over.

Through a competent rugby showing product a wonderful to help you fear of the complete kitty to be worn out. Competent showing expertise allow you to implement smart plan reliable via the advice in pro's. A lot of these pro's primarily project is without a doubt to verify you may be qualifing for the most beneficial rugby strategies on top of that pores and skin look prospects involving any specific rugby power team you decide to option your hard earned dollar at.

Whatever you would most likely then simply demand is known as a smart betting technique to be certain you aren't going to betting an abundance of funds rather than it is easy to have enough money for to misplace. When you've an audio betting plan portion of that showdown is without a doubt almost throughout.

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#nct #R18 #灿诺 #李东赫 #李帝努 /不良生李东赫x优等生李帝努 /全员恶人,三观不正。包含校园暴力,辱骂,性虐待,bdsm,未成年等内容,🔞未成年人不适合阅读。



01 李东赫视角      正文           李东赫投出完美的压哨球,全场的目光随着那颗球从手中抛出,然后在半空中划出漂亮的弧线,最后完美落入篮筐里。   进了!   在众人高声的呐喊叫好声淹没了裁判吹响的哨声宣布比赛结束,得分有效。   球场的主人公望向沸腾的观众席,所有加油的孩子们更加激动了,不知道东赫在找谁呢?     李东赫一瞬间就看到了李帝努,那个男生在热闹的人群中被四周的人们推搡着。   汗水从额头流到眼睛上,爬过眼皮,模糊了视线,李东赫找人太专注了,腾出手就随便胡乱一抹:也不知道那个李帝努看没看自己啊?   东赫火气蹭地上来,冷下脸来,隔着人群恶狠狠瞪了被推挤着的李帝努一眼。   等着,小子。 /   下场后篮球队的吆喝着要去聚餐庆功,嚷嚷着班花也要去。说完有几道视线自然落在MVP李东赫身上。   有几个队友还故意还偷笑着看东赫,像起哄他和班花一样。   东赫根本没打算去,心底还在盘算着怎么和那小子算账。   所以连理由也懒得找,“太累了我不去。”   故意留在最后让大家先洗漱换衣服,一伙高中生们热热闹闹,勾肩搭背地走了。   篮球队的更衣间终于安静下来,李东赫还顾上没洗澡,一身臭汗。   他先忙着找到了躲在楼梯角落里的李帝努,看来,这小子还算听话识趣呢?知道要来这里等人走光了以后等他。   东赫毫不客气,“进去里面去。”   帝努从阴影里走出来,低着头怀里抱着个书包从他身边路过,自己主动走进东赫身后的更衣间。   瞧,李帝努多听话的啊?就是这么乖,这么好欺负的样子,真是让人牙痒痒,怎么也起伏不够他呀。   差不多高二年级的孩子们都认识李东赫:男生们以结识“很酷的”东赫为荣,女孩们也会凑在一起讨论“坏孩子”东赫。   在孩子中人气很高的东赫,学习成绩很差,爱出风头。   对与乖巧的好学生代表李帝努来说,李东赫可不是这样,是个不折不扣的混蛋,疯子,人渣。   东赫对帝努做类似的事情发生过太多次了,回忆起来差不多都快一年了。而且,帝努看起来好像已经习惯了?   无人的更衣间里,东赫在长条凳上坐下,把还没来得及换的篮球服背心脱下来丢在脚边的地上,“过这儿来。”   见面后帝努还没说一个字,依旧沉默着走过去,顺从地跪在东赫给他丢下来的衣服上,还把怀里的书包放在凳子上。   帝努刚伸手摸上对方的裤子,东赫就等不及了,不耐烦的顺手也抓上裤腰,就着帝努的手一把扯下裤头:“磨蹭什么呢,我洗澡都来不及,等你等得早不耐烦了。”   帝努在他的催促下,直起上半身低头张口吞下东赫的阴茎。   “快点吸。”东赫不满,语气烦躁。   李帝努听了他的话,没来得及舔一口,忙着吞进去面前的整个龟头。然后两只手握住东赫的阴茎帮忙撸动起来,让半勃的阴茎一点点更加兴奋。龟头同时也开始变大了,帝努嘴唇含着,口水流出来,又被他赶紧吸回去。   东赫很喜欢这样子,随着帝努的动作发出一声慰叹,手撑着向后扬起脖子,缓缓挺腰,把鸡巴更多塞进帝努嘴巴里。   “多舔舔呢,帝努做的好。”   帝努受到肯定,更加温顺地伸出舌头服务东赫的阴茎。从阴茎根部舔上来,像吃冰淇淋,连着把卵蛋和耻毛都弄得湿漉漉的。   本来东赫刚打完篮球,身上还有着汗味儿,帝努的洁癖像消失了一样,满不在乎地吞吃鸡巴,这让人觉得他完成任务过于投入,甚至乐在其中了吧?   好学生们都这样吗?做什么都这么擅长。听说孩子们说,帝努的功课都很好,性格也乖巧。   只不过孩子们应该都不知道帝努吸男人鸡巴的水平也这么优秀。   “帝努,好好口交哦。知道了吗?”   帝努埋头吞吃着整根阴茎,表情很是认真专注的样子——这或许就是优等生们能够成绩优异的原因之一,做事要专心致志——不着帝努听到东赫因为太过舒服,喘着说出的这句话了吗。反正是没给东赫反应。   东赫伸手摸头顺毛,看趴在自己裤裆上的人一眼,“帝努,只吸东赫的。不许想别的男人,明白吗?”   帝努好像这句听到了,这才停下来向上抬起眼睛看着东赫,含着阴茎点头。   “嗯,吃吧。”   帝努用力吸紧嘴里的阴茎,腮上的软肉贴在柱身上,一口吞到底。做深喉的同时,熟练地忍着喉部的不适,却还用力吸紧嘴里几乎真空,卖力讨好粗硬的鸡巴。   “真厉害。”东赫被吸得话都不想讲了,控制射精欲望,就像和帝努的嘴巴较劲儿一样。伸出腿,直接一脚踩上帝努怀里:   哈哈,李帝努的鸡巴怎么这么硬?   之前还没硬起来呢,光吸别人的鸡巴没碰一下,就这么硬了?帝努这一年被自己调教得越来越骚了。   东赫脚尖动动,帝努连腹肌都因为过度兴奋和紧张,也是硬硬的。   帝努会意,腾出手扯掉自己的校服裤子,让东赫踩着自己的鸡巴玩。   “怎么这么骚的,连内裤都不穿啊?”也不怕别人发现,这个骚货。   “不是要做爱嘛,就嫌麻烦没穿了。会弄湿,那样穿着,不舒服的。”帝努停下口交解释到。说话有点慢吞吞的,条理倒是很清楚。   这人说的什么呢,还真有个像样的理由了?这不明摆着就是在发骚吗?李东赫越来觉得,这个李帝努这一年多来,是越来越有点有点,恃宠而骄?   说这话,找操呢吧?   谁还记得一开始,两个人的关系是从一场性质极其恶劣的校园暴力开始的呢? /     差不多一年前的帝努一开始是不屈的,到现在已变得很是乖顺。   不过口交水平一直都不错,没有明显提高,因为帝努对口交这件事情仿佛天赋异禀。   第一次的时候——那也是才高一的李东赫第一次把鸡巴塞进男生的嘴里,帝努很小心翼翼,完成的很顺利。   岔子出在李东赫身上,他激动地射早了。慌乱一把推开帝努的时候,精液溅在对方的脸上。   李帝努明显被吓怕了,惊惧地眨着眼睛,看着同样瞪大了眼睛的东赫。他长而浓密的眼睫毛就像两把小刷子,痒痒地挠在人心上。   李东赫发誓他没想颜射的,他是坏心眼,故意欺负同学,把人堵在没人的卫生间里,逼着对方给自己口交。   对面的好学生实在太乖了,面对混混的威胁真的没有反抗,每天被他欺辱,到现在被堵在角落里,伸手解开东赫的裤子张嘴为这个混蛋崽子口交。   未成年做爱都说是不对的,然而实际上偷尝禁果的不止个例,遍地都是。   就是像这样的校园暴力里强迫性的肯定是不对的,李东赫以前也只是逃课抽烟打架。   欺负朋友还抢零花钱的这些事情,目前就只有李帝努这一个目标。   李东赫记不清一开始是怎么找到这个冤大头的,按理说他们是两类人,在学校里永远不会有交集的。可能是某次东赫和朋友们一起躲在卫生间里抽着烟,无所事事。   帝努闯进来的时候,大家纷纷转头去看:他低着头把脸都要埋在胸前了,却咳嗽的很大声让人注意到他。   烦死了,这人在干嘛啊?为什么要这么没眼色的来尿尿?咳嗽的想要死了一样,真是影响心情。   李帝努畏畏缩缩的胆怯的样子,越发让东赫和朋友们看不顺眼。   “哎!小子。”有人出声拽住了帝努的领子。   校服名牌上写着名字,李帝努。东赫没表示什么,好整以暇地看着这个叫“李帝努”的倒霉蛋。就是对方还是低着个头,不知道躲个什么劲儿。   叫住帝努的智勋不客气的推他一把,“抬头啊,朋友啊,都不知道长什么样子。”   帝努乖乖地听话抬头,面对着智勋站着,从东赫这里只能看到他的侧脸,眼下有一个小小的痣,和他胆小的性格不搭。   智勋把一口烟故意吹在帝努脸上,男生马上就又咳嗽起来,没咳两声就抬眼看了一下智勋,赶紧捂上嘴,身子还缩起来朝后了一下。   东赫在旁边把李帝努刚才这些动作和表现全看在眼里,心里有点不舒服是怎么回事呢?当然不是因为朋友欺负他的举动。   看着眼前的帝努畏缩在智勋面前,还什么也不知道地朝后躲。这样他就背对着自己站着了。作为坏蛋的坏蛋,每天闲着没事就爱找乐子。偶尔想欺负同学的念头,比如现在拿屁股对着自己的这个。   东赫从身后凑上前,贴在他耳边悄悄说到,“别怕啊,帝努朋友。”   男生反应很大,回身看着吓他一跳的东赫。这才让人看清李帝努长的样子。干净的一张脸蛋,客观评价能称得上帅气了。   帝努用眼睛望着东赫,眼下那颗泪痣和他线条明朗的脸蛋不搭,加了两分秀气,男孩儿的那种秀气。   看着帝努这样一瞬不落的看着自己,李东赫才感觉心里的那种不顺没有了。   他很有大哥风范的开口,“上厕所吗?我们帝努。”他朝着旁边的小便池抬抬下巴,“快去吧。”   周围的朋友们都饶有兴致地纷纷看向李帝努接下来的动作。男生眼里涌上失落,还带着点害怕。   李帝努又把头在他面前低了下去,手抓着校服衣服的下摆,磨蹭着挪动脚步,在众人的注视下最后还是挪到了小便池旁边。   然后背对着这边开始解裤子,动作生涩地就像第一次,帝努在东赫和他的朋友们的目光里开始解手。老半天没动静——没人能在旁人围观的情况下还能顺利尿出来,很明显这是无可争辩一次霸凌。   东赫看他又拿着屁股对着自己了,那张漂亮的脸蛋低埋着。又来了那种感觉:   没意思。东赫心想。   正好铃声响起,东赫第一个起身示意大家“走了”。路过帝努的背后,故意又凑过去朝着他耳朵戏虐:   “对准点啊!帝努朋友。”   朋友们勾肩搭背走出卫生间,不忘对尿不出来的胆小鬼吹口哨。   东赫走在最后面,他回头朝着帝努望了一眼,故意朝那个地方瞥见了李帝努抓在手里的阴茎。   和他白净的脸蛋一样,很白很长的一根。 /      第二次见到李帝努又是卫生间,毕竟东赫和他的朋友们常来卫生间抽烟。东赫和他的朋友们在的时候,孩子们就会识趣的躲着点。   所以说嘛,那个挺聪明的李帝努,读书读成死脑筋了吧,实在是只能怪他自己:老在这些时间里撞上东赫,被坏孩子们欺负也是自找的。   东赫把烟凑近朋友给点的火上,火苗一抖闪起的瞬间,他瞥到李帝努的影子。   来人还抬头看了一眼东赫,认出来了?聪明脑袋的家伙,记性很好呢。   然后又不出所料地佝起身子,又开始扮演鹌鹑,把脖子缩起来——这样一动作很难不让人注意到卫生间门口的来人。   东赫没管烟点着了没有,他先开口了——正好这次智勋不在,自然是他搭话,“帝努朋友,唉嘿!来上厕所了呢。”   男生在门口站定,退身出去也不是 也不见他进来。东赫旁的朋友也认出来这人,“啊哈,胆儿特小的那崽子?”   什么啊?东赫听到身边人声音里也带着兴奋和跃跃欲试。   怎么又感觉有点,有点烦呢。   嗯,东赫没仔细想,起身上前流里流气地搭上李帝努的肩膀,“走啊,朋友,请你上厕所。”说着就拽起帝努,扯着他的肩膀两步推进厕所里的隔间。   男厕一边是小便池,一边是蹲位带隔间和门板那种。一般尿尿都在小便池解决就行了,东赫却直接把李帝努拽进隔间,门板挡住了朋友们的视线。   “尿吧,朋友啊,脱裤子啊?”朋友们听到东赫叫嚣着过分的话,声音不小语气也很嚣张。几个人对视一眼都坏笑起来:东赫真是,每天都要做不少坏事折腾来折腾去,现在也开始爱捉弄欺辱乖乖学生了。   面对这个还只是第二次见面的“朋友”李帝努,东赫感觉自己对他颇有兴趣。他看着男生乖巧地低着头,对自己的命令不知所措,一动不动,把身体缩在自己和隔板之间。   他故意凑近小声地说,“给朋友点个火吧。”裤子口袋里掏出来的打火机还带着体温,东赫把他塞进男生手里。对方都开始手抖了,接过来看打火机就像第一次用一样,不敢打着。   也可能的嘛,这些乖乖崽们,一定都是听父母老师的话过着规律无趣的学校生活,上哪学抽烟去。   东赫叼着烟,好脾气的看眼前的人笨拙摆弄自己的那个打火机。才注意到今天戴了眼镜,书呆子还真是书呆子,这眼镜有什么好戴的?   把痣也遮住了,更像个书呆子了。   再加上他畏畏缩缩又笨手苯脚的样子,简直失去了欺负同学的乐趣。   “点啊,要是你不点,一会拿烟头烫你小子。”威胁的话对于东赫来说就是信手拈来,他成功的看到男生因为这话又抖了一下身子。   慌忙下点了三次,火苗才成功燃起。叫李帝努的男生马上抬眼看他,眼巴巴的还有点可怜。   东赫心情不错地吸了一口,烟头亮起红屁股。这次成功了,李帝努又抬眼看他。被东赫抓住这个机会,把那一口烟吐到李帝努半抬的脸上。   其实,李东赫心底早就想这样做了。   然后东赫成功地看到男生被熏得眼睛泛红,加上这朋友下垂的眼睛像是要哭了。   东赫简直感觉不能太满意了!哎呀,简直心情大好,“谢谢帝努啊,我的朋友可以继续尿尿了哦!”   然后东赫就在站在旁边,摆好架势开始边抽烟边继续看李帝努的动作。   这样的情景里应该谁会上厕所?对方一手还拿着那个打火机,吓得用另一只手不情愿的摸上裤带。李帝努转头看一眼旁边站着的活阎王,一对下三白的眼睛一瞬不落地盯着自己。   李帝努吸吸鼻子,犹豫再三,还是在旁人的目光下单手解开裤带——即使只有李东赫一个人,那种羞辱感仍然十分真实,令人崩溃。   李东赫吞云吐雾,锐利地眼神看李帝努真的要哭了,颤颤巍巍地掏出裤子里的性器。   “对,对不起,我做,做不,呜呜,做不到……”就算男生受不了了崩溃出声,也只是让还在卫生间里凑热闹的男生们听到什么好笑的事情一样,气氛愉快地哄笑起来。   “没事啊,朋友啊没事,要教你吗?”东赫好像真的带点真心,还安慰情绪崩溃的帝努。嘴里还有烟,咬字也很模糊,倒是流氓样十足。   李东赫竟然真的凑过来,和李帝努一起朝着蹲坑站好,不客气的掏出小东赫打招呼。   一对比可以发现,东赫真的比李帝努皮肤黑一点,特别是阴茎的颜色。   李帝努真的被这疯子的行为吓到了,他躲开都不敢躲,看着李东赫手里抓着的阴茎,大大咧咧地躺在这人手里。   李帝努就那样盯着东赫——只见过两面的陌生人的阴茎开始抽泣不停。   李东赫要被这人笑死了,哈哈,他乐得要笑出声。   变故就是下一瞬间发生的,烟灰已经长长的一条,因为东赫一直叼着,刚刚笑了的时候一抖,一落。   “我操!他妈的!!”   东赫怪叫一声,什么运气,烟灰掉在手上,被烫了一下——重点是,是自己掏出鸡巴那只手,就差一点烫上包皮了,这他妈的怎么回事?   东赫怪叫一声,声音就炸在李帝努的耳边。让本来就战战兢兢地帝努吓一大跳。隔间外面的朋友还不知道怎么回事,一瞬间这里安静下来。   李东赫被他妈的这事儿弄得还惊魂未定,闻到了一股尿骚味儿——地上有尿液,没全流进坑位里,男生抓着裤头,脸蛋上已经全是泪水了,还用拿着打火机的那只手扶了一把眼镜,“对,啊嗯嗯,对不…对不起……”   这怂蛋被自己一嗓子吼得吓尿了吗?哇,真是无语事件。李东赫气急败坏,这人比自己还要丢脸吧?   “滚蛋!!”   话音刚落,李帝努就抓起裤子一边塞一边捂着逃出隔间。   外面的人不知道里面发生了什么,胆小鬼哭着跑了——对于他们来说见惯不惊了。不过东赫是因为什么生气啊?   因为什么生气?啊,烦死了他妈的,真他妈的有够倒霉,老子鸡儿差点秃噜皮了。李东赫心想,那个叫李帝努的,鸡巴也白白净净很漂亮,小小东赫要是再破相了,更叫人不爽了。   李帝努,晦气的家伙。 /   后来李东赫在有天早上起床撸管结束后,又心有余悸地想起差点被烫的倒霉事儿。拽过两张卫生纸擦干净收拾好,同时也想明白了,这账得算在胆小的崽子身上。   不需要理由没有为什么,李东赫又想起那个怂蛋埋头抽噎的样子,嗯,哭个屁啊?   想起这人眼下有颗痣,左眼还是右眼,妈的,没记住啊,所以说戴个屁的眼镜?丑死了真是。   想起李帝努的阴茎,和本人一样白,和本人一样胆小,哈哈,他妈的真的有人会被吓尿啊?逗死了真的,哈哈。   撸完以后就是神清气爽,李东赫心情大好,当天就在学校打听这位叫李帝努的朋友。   就花了一节课的时间,第一节课下课正好补完觉的东赫就知道李帝努在哪个班,Lee Jeno是哪三个字了。这小子还真是个书呆子,成绩排年级前二十那种。   哎呀,好学生呢。东赫一边心里想着怎么欺负这人,站在李帝努班级门口朝着里面亲切喊,“朋友啊,帝努,快来快来。”   引得教室里一群书呆子纷纷侧目,李帝努是脸蛋最漂亮的那个。要么说让人记住他呢,脑子又灵光脸蛋又出众,真是让人嫉妒。   没关系哦,我们帝努现在有新朋友了哦,东赫想和你交朋友呢。李东赫吊儿郎当靠在门口,又拿他的下三白看人。   李帝努整张脸肉眼可见的变红,抓起桌子上放的眼镜戴上。赶紧跑到门口,乖顺地低下头被东赫拉去走廊。   说实话这里有点不太方便呢,东赫只是有礼貌地搭上李帝努的肩膀,听他缩着身子,还结巴着给自己道歉,说对不起,我错了什么的。   李东赫不是来听这个的,他用力捏捏手里对方的肩膀,“你说为什么会有人这么大了,还被吓得尿裤子?”李东赫真是恶劣的家伙。   李帝努支支吾吾开口,“请不要说出去,我,我可以,嗯我可以给你钱。”他咽下一口气,才继续说到,“这周的零花钱不行,要买教辅材料的,下周,真的下周给你。拜托了,真的真的。”   他妈的李帝努是不是经常被人欺负?学校里高二高三的那些前辈们吗?真够无耻的呢,真是些流氓们把孩子吓成什么样子了啊。   流氓本人东赫为这样胆小的李帝努打抱不平,他没意识到自己本身是坏蛋一个。   怎么说呢,现在他只感觉,受惊吓的猎物没有什么反抗就接受自己的命运,大大降低了狩猎者的乐趣。还是要看着猎物在自己的狩猎里被重新吓得露出脆弱表情,或者激烈反抗,才是一种卑劣又有趣的事情。   李东赫把揽着对方胳膊放下来,两个人站在一直有人走来走去的走廊上总有人看一倆眼。   淡定地伸手把书呆子的眼镜摘下来,很是亲昵的姿态还帮忙放在校服衬衫的胸前口袋里。这人身子还隐隐发抖呢,因为他的动作小幅度的缩了一下胸。   “朋友说什么就是什么,下周就下周好了。只不过想好了,换个别的啊,帝努,最好能让我满意点。”   东赫甚至挂上笑容,语气也很和善,就是威胁的内容让他的朋友李帝努更抬不起头了。   继续掏出裤子口袋里的半包烟,看到这破烟就觉得晦气。干脆给我的朋友帝努好了,东赫懒得藏直接塞进男生的口袋里。   “我的朋友啊,学习累了记得适当地放松一下。”嗯,故意说点狗屁不通的话什么的。“哎嘿,送你那个打火机还在的吧?”   李帝努点头作为回答,没敢表示拒绝。李东赫很满意对方这个样子,最后告诉李帝努下周的这个时间,在“老地方”等你,带上想好的“礼物”来,才满意离开,和上次在卫生间的情况相反,留下李帝努在原地了。 /   不过,李东赫倒霉持续了一周,被道德老师抓住一次抽烟,他身上那包正好在恶作剧里给了好学生李帝努了,连打火机都没有。   他厚着脸皮大言不惭,“老师我没有抽烟,身上烟味儿是别人的。”   朋友们就站在李东赫身边听他放屁,还好老师不好糊弄,知道这伙人是群流氓崽子,让所有人打包去课后校内公益活动,就是放学后在学校里捡垃圾两小时。   李东赫自然不会乖乖听话,他开溜跑去找李帝努的班级。   放学后教室空无一人,李东赫溜到李帝努的座位。观察一下,哦,好学生真没意思,课本很整齐,笔记也写得板板正正。   李东赫把别人的课桌翻了个乱七八糟,想留下点“大作”,示意他来过。把桌子涂花?书本乱丢或者撕几本笔记什么的?   好学生最在乎这些了吧?要是看到书本被撕了准会被气哭。   哪种都没什么意思呢?李东赫竟然也有厌烦的时刻。就让这个书呆子再几天好日子算了,这样想着从坐着课桌上跳下来打算走了:书本什么的都被自己翻乱了,李东赫虽然不打算幼稚地破坏李帝努的书本,但是也没好心到帮他整理好。   跳下来的动作连带着桌子里掉出来一个平平无奇的盒子,李东赫顺手给他捡起来,直接搁桌子上。   他没有留意这个普通的盒子,只是想下周快点来吧,已经想赶紧欺负这个胆小鬼了。   想见到李帝努呢,李东赫的意思说,倒要看看那小子的脑子能想出什么办法求饶呢。        (未完…)



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           雇佣兵小分队成功地结束了行动任务后,大家又在商量着去找点“乐子”:找个女人约一炮。   好吧,对于这些雇佣兵,他们就是一群群拿命换钱的家伙们。你不能要求这些亡命之徒,能有什么道道德法律。他们遵守拿钱办事,这一条规则就够了。当然,再高昂的佣金转瞬就会花光,在赌博,喝酒,嫖娼等等玩乐中挥霍。   毕竟,每一晚的狂欢,都有可能是人生的最后一次。      李东赫的另外三个队友结伴走了,他们会找个地方喝酒,然后搂上收下嫖资的娼妓,找个地方打一炮,然后睡去。这样,就又度过了雇佣兵们时刻都在倒计时的人生里的一天。   一开始的时候,李东赫也参加过几次这种“庆祝活动”:在正式作为雇佣兵刚开始外出任务的第一年。   一种是喝酒,酒精可以很好地麻痹神经。即使结束了紧张的战斗,李东赫浑身上下的好斗因子,依旧会在汩汩流动的血管里嚣张,并且无处释放。   另一种是打炮,把施虐欲通通施加在某个可怜的女妓身上,他从不喜欢助兴的呻吟浪叫,总是嫌太吵。往往一个巴掌抽过去,前一秒还在卖力工作大声淫叫的女妓或moneyboy就噤声了,安安静静扮尸体承受着李东赫无情地疯狂进出,不像打炮更像一种酷刑。   所以这些“娱乐活动”,实在叫人没什么兴致。没几次经历后李东赫就开始拒绝队友的好意,眼看这次的队友已结伴去寻欢作乐了,李东赫点头作别后,决定可以出门在这个不知名的小镇里随便走走散散步什么的,换下作战服收拾背包妥当后出门。   这里是帝国不起眼的边陲小镇,基础设施落后,哪里都透露着贫穷二字。即使没有热闹繁荣的商业街,但是娱乐风俗行业依旧存在。越是贫穷的地方,越有更多的人投身到风俗行业里:有人来当嫖客,有人沦为娼妓,也有人两者皆是。   李东赫绕去住宅区,一路没有什么可看的风景,真的很落后,破败的街道,不成样子的房屋,还有生意凋敝的商店。乏善可陈,没有什么可逛的。   这时一个老妇撞上他,佝偻的女人颤颤巍巍要摔倒,瞧见了李东赫没什么表情的脸,吓得一屁股坐在地上。即使换了普通衣服,那种肃杀的气质还是难以掩盖,李东赫歉意扶起老人,弯腰致歉。对方摆摆手躲开他赶紧逃一样地离开了。好吧,李东赫这种雇佣兵们走路姿态各方面都不似普通人,何况这里是商业不甚发达的小镇,他一看就是外人。   东赫摸出皱巴巴的帽子,尽量掩盖气势,低着头打算离开。算了,没什么事可干,打发时间的商店也不可能有。   就在这时,东赫在不起眼的街角看到一个高大的身影,一个留着长发的男人。   ——徐英浩?   李东赫不敢相信自己的眼睛,眼前的那个人,竟是徐英浩?   那个身高和脸,自己绝对不可能认错的。可是为什么,为什么消失了的徐英浩会出现在这里:在一个所有人都意料不到的边远小镇上,还是这种破旧落后的贫民窟里。不,这不可能,但是绝不会错,李东赫不可能认错,眼前不远处站在水果摊前的那个男人,正是徐英浩。   他好像被小贩缠住了,还在解释说明着什么,李东赫毫不犹豫地走上前去,打断了两人。原来是小贩给徐英浩称错了多收了钱,是个油嘴滑舌地不肯承认嘴上还骂骂咧咧,徐英浩也不生气好脾气地理论。   李东赫看着情况——难以置信一介雇佣兵兵团的“传奇”如今藏在这种地方——他心底这样想,为徐英浩感到愤恨不平,嚣张的气焰上来,本来就无处可泄的火气蹭地点着了脾气,走上来就骂对面:   “少装了,是不是想挨揍?给谁在这撘戏台子呢?”   小贩还没反应过来哪里冒出个被帽子遮着看不清脸的刺头,什么时候这个光个子高的好欺负男人叫的救兵?还没等他想完,就丢过来一个秤砣,正是自己耍的小把戏被人抓了个正着。小贩哑了,面对恶狠狠盯着他的李东赫,嗫嚅了半天屁也没放半个。   他要感谢自己关于徐英浩是“光个子高的好欺负男人”的想法没让李东赫或者说雇佣兵们知道。眼前这个男人本是雇佣兵兵团内部赫赫有名的“传奇”,徐英浩:在雇佣兵兵团内部排行榜上,常年居高不下,无人动摇的绝对的第一,自然引来了无数雇佣兵新人的崇拜与仰望。其中自然包括了李东赫,不仅是对强者的仰慕,也有一份他从未像外人提及的心思,没那么单纯的那种。要是被人知道了,必定会说,他也是敢肖想的对象吗?   有什么不敢?李东赫看着这个男人拉着自己离开打算就这样放过那个小贩。徐英浩俨然对这里   一片熟门熟路,带着他走进一片房子里。   说起来虽然过去了两年多,但是所有人都对那次事故都记忆犹新。眼前这人在一次行动中发生意外,消失在原因不明的爆炸里,最后火焰吞噬了整个画面,彻底和基地失联——大概率是死亡没人能在那么近的爆炸里幸存,即使是徐英浩也不可能——至今没有消息。   哦,不,现在有了:这不是让一个毫无交集的新人李东赫误打误撞上了“失踪”的徐英浩了吗。   李东赫被带着走近某个普通不起眼的房子里,现在正坐在装修简单的客厅沙发上,徐英浩面带微笑眼里没有什么情绪,问道,“你是谁。”   徐英浩自然不可能认识李东赫,他不过是雇佣兵兵团里一个不起眼成为正式作战兵不到两年的新人罢了。徐英浩看他不说话,表情没变,不疾不徐又问道。   “认识我?”         李东赫内心想着徐英浩已经知道自己身份是同行的可能性,又想如果撒谎编一个假身份能不能骗过经验丰富的前辈。听起来就很蠢的想法,该死,怎么把枪放在战斗服里了,好吧就算带着,现在掏出来直接刚枪也根本不是徐英浩的对手。   李东赫感觉自己的心思,在徐英浩温润内敛的那张微笑着的眼里已被看穿。当下的处境,好像很不乐观,徐英浩到底性格脾气几何?自己不会被悄无声息灭口吧?估计兵团不会追究一个默默无名之辈的失踪,全当他死在了这次的行动里。   徐英浩看着他还是不说话,还是那副面对蛮不讲理的小贩时慢悠悠的样子——李东赫可没敢觉得徐英浩是等闲之辈,他心一横,老实亮出底牌主动说明道:   “我一个人不小心走来这里的,没戴设备和东西。”   意思是他什么都没敢做,不论是别的雇佣兵队友还是组织都不知道,徐英浩现在在这里。   “哦,您,那个不认识我,但是,我,我真的是您的粉丝。所以,我真的保证,我以后也不会说的,真的,绝不会和任何人说起来。”   李东赫补上几句表忠心,不知道打感情牌有没有用?他试图从徐英浩依旧微笑的表情里解读一二,无果。   “在我心里,真的一直崇拜前辈,我是真心的,没有骗人。只要,前辈,真的相信我,我说的,,。”在一片安静中李东赫结结巴巴:可这真的是真心话。   终于,徐英浩轻轻地笑了一声。气氛放松了一点,对面抬手打断李东赫的辩白,说好的我知道了。   李东赫没见过徐英浩本人,以前没有机会,后来他就突然失踪了;今天才发现,传说之高不可攀的大人物并没有那么冷冰冰。至少笑起来很让人感到亲近,李东赫被一个笑勾得恍恍惚惚忘了自己现在身处何处,内心蠢蠢欲动。   徐英浩提起手里买回来的东西,是散装的方糖,“咖啡?”狡黠地冲他眨了一下眼睛。   徐英浩前辈给自己冲咖啡?李东赫有胆做梦,但做的不是这方面的梦,他站起来又坐下,努力镇定下来,木纳点头说好的谢谢。徐英浩给他的咖啡里加了两块新买的方糖,自己的没加——既然不习惯用,那买方糖做什么?雇佣兵习惯于观察细节,但是李东赫装作若无其事,双手接好假装喝了一口。   徐英浩喝着咖啡,这才开口,“你是客人,请喝咖啡。”优雅地做了一个抬手的动作,“我可以相信你说的话,谢谢你小朋友。”被叫了这样的称呼,李东赫黑脸一红,“既然你帮我保守秘密,那么我可以答应你一个条件。”啊?李东赫又愣住了,这是怎么回事?徐英浩好像真的有点好说话,或者这就是另一种他没听明白的话吗?   徐英浩没必要对他这么客气,自己上一秒还在担心徐英浩突然武器给自己来一枪,结果下一秒已经在和自己谈条件了。李东赫变成那个小贩一样了,战战兢兢不敢多言,看着对面徐英浩又端起神秘的淡淡笑容,脑子里已经不受控制的幻想了一整个场景——他不会说自己想了具体的什么——面上装出一副乖巧老实的模样,犹豫半响,才试探着说到,“我想,能不能以后,我自己,常来这里看看前辈。”   “那不行,万一你可以保守秘密,但是迷的行踪被发现了怎么办?”   完了,李东赫心凉了半截,自己果然会错意,根本不是什么给他面子谈条件吧?   “哈哈,怕什么,逗你的。”徐英浩又笑起来,“你的表情管理不行,但是危机意识不错,希望你以后来的时候,注意点不引起注意就好了。”   徐英浩不仅答应了他无理头的提议,还点拨了这个新人后辈两句。什么叫危机意识不错?是不是说他胆子小?还藏不住事,李东赫感觉自己那些军事训练成绩什么的,在徐英浩这样的人物面前就是几句笑话。   李东赫没问怎么只给自己咖啡里加了方糖,别不是下了毒吧?他一口喝下手里的咖啡,猛地一放杯子,站起来说。   “前辈,我叫李东赫!是20期的作战兵,和您一开始的兵种一样!您可以叫我东赫!”   不知道徐英浩为什么给他面子,也不知道还答应了自己越界的要求;反正现在他李东赫见到徐英浩了,还坐在他藏起来的家里喝着咖啡,以后也被允许可以来,这算是什么?真的有这么顺利?天上掉馅饼了吧,李东赫胆子真不小,不管有没有这么幸运神奇,先把话说了再说。   徐英浩看他的可爱样子,又大方地笑了,“东赫真有意思。”李东赫听着飘飘然,好像前辈真的很好,自己是lucky dog,哈哈,做梦都没这么幸运过,好吧,在他的梦里徐英浩就是这样笑着看他的,只是真人的冲击太大了,李东赫被眼前的笑容迷的七荤八素,别是咖啡里真的下了什么药,不是要毒死他,这是要迷死他?      李东赫自己守着这个甜蜜的秘密,就算他跑去和别人说也没人相信,每周周末李东赫不再无事可做,身边的同事偏爱喝酒赌博和嫖娼一类,没人关心一个普通的雇佣兵去向。所以李东赫一有空就会不远万里跑来徐英浩藏居的小镇上“看看前辈”,徐英浩没什么前辈架子愿意和他交朋友,李东赫也懂事的没问当年的“意外”背后发生了什么。   东赫那点心思愈发开始蠢蠢欲动,,有一次他带了甜点,还是那种帝国最流行的款式,一路小心翼翼护着,带过来还是漂亮精致的样子。   徐英浩不装了,直接问他为什么老是带这些小玩意,这次还带了甜点。   李东赫还在装傻,问哥不喜欢吗?我只是看这个最近很火的样子,应该味道不错,哥要不要试试看。   没有后辈会这样讨好前辈,再崇拜也不会,何况徐英浩现在已经是一个失踪的前雇佣兵兵团一员;没有弟弟送这些甜点一类带着浪漫的礼物,再亲密的弟弟也不会。   李东赫抬眼看了看,咽了咽口水,鼓起一口气说,“因为我喜欢哥,恋人的那种喜欢。”   徐英浩就是故意要等他说出来,李东赫想,然后自己会被拒绝?这简直是一场羞辱,甜点应该也会被打翻在地吧?自己还排队买了的。   徐英浩只是借口道,不行,我不能和你在一起。   “为什么?”李东赫想也没想脱口而出,对面的前辈难为起来,不是吧?徐英浩好像不忍心直接拒绝自己的样子,还在编一个借口吗?   “东赫,我不能和你谈恋爱,因为,嗯。”徐英浩表情真挚,“而且你还小,很多事情我不能说明,你也很难明白。”   这是说的什么狗屁话?徐英浩在独自演苦情剧女主吗,哪里来的台词啊?李东赫不耐烦地放下甜点要走,他不知道该说什么或者做什么动作。   徐英浩问他去哪,叫他名字,东赫啊,东赫。   这又什么手段?玩弄李东赫有意思吗?徐英浩这种行为拒绝了又拉拉扯扯的行为,是不是算渔场管理?就李东赫这一条鱼吗?一条鱼也算渔场管理,凭什么不算?拒绝就是拒绝,现在假兮兮挽留又干什么啊?   李东赫胆子大了,甩开徐英浩伸前来的手,愤道:   “那就让我和哥做一次。哥知道的吧?男人就是喜欢这些。”   



///               明明徐英浩才是贫民区这里的居民,结果他今天才第一次知道镇上还有这种汽车旅馆,又破又旧的。   不知道李东赫只是在工作之余抽空跑来贫民区,是怎么找到这种破地的。   对于徐英浩这么多年来,约炮地点最迁就的也就是直接在雇佣兵基地宿舍的淋浴间里来过一炮。其余情况下,一般都是在每次任务结束后的陌生城市,找家当地低调又不失高级的酒店订一间总统套房,和陌生的一夜情对象共度良宵。   决定告别过去刺激又危险的职业生涯以后的这两年多时间里,自己一直坚持过着简朴的物质生活,特别是在性事上一直没放纵过。      没想到如今重新开始吃“肉”的第一餐,竟然是这样一次哭笑不得的原因。

  两人在前台办理的时候,里面坐的人连眼皮都懒得掀,根本没要查证件的意思。走上楼梯,走廊很窄,灯光也灰暗,徐英浩感觉自己头要顶到天花板上了。李东赫进了房间就胆子很大地扑上来,徐英浩身体比大脑先行动,下意识用胳膊轻挡。   “哥我洗过了,你要洗吗?”   徐英浩看他这绝非新手的台词不由得好笑,小屁孩之前还一脸的生气的样子,好像自己拒绝表白后,再说第二次“不行”的话,真的会当场哭起来。   徐英浩对性事上从不在乎什么人际关系。   他喜欢做爱,坦荡大方,从不扭捏。   只是面对真情“表白”,真的有自己不能说明的理由。   而且,说实话,他其实并不讨厌东赫。      “我也洗过了。”自己也不知道自己带上了笑容,   李东赫看到自己日思夜想的哥哥,真的从床头那张小小的证件照里走出来,现在被自己抱在怀里了。也不管什么接下来两个人会成为什么关系,心情复杂地埋在眼前人胸前。   徐英浩被他这纯情感到好笑,自己主动低头吻上了怀里小孩的嘴唇。   李东赫感到软软的东西轻轻地碰上来,一片湿润的舌头贴在他嘴唇上,他下意识张开了嘴,对方的舌头就滑着舔进了嘴里。   刹那间李东赫明白了那种叫“触电”的感觉,追上来吸了一口那条软软的舌头。   心理上的满足放大了生理感官,只觉得这比自己当年第一次握上枪还要激动:头皮发麻,性欲高昂,鸡巴硬挺着顶起裤裆,热乎乎地贴在徐英浩大腿上。   流氓做到底,李东赫用裆部使劲儿往他哥身上贴,下流地去顶结实的大腿。面对他的粗鲁下流的动作,高大的徐英浩身子没有被撞动半分,依旧站的稳稳当当。还能用舌头激烈地回应,无疑是对东赫下身动作的一种无声的鼓励和允许。   李东赫只感觉性欲从充血的下体直冲大脑,用嘴唇狂吸对方的舌头从嘴里去舔上颚,还有腮上的软肉。      他曾在无数个漫长无聊的训练日子里,无数个安静寂寞的晚上,盯着照片里的徐英浩看。一边撸一边就在想,为什么他脸上有那么可爱的脸颊肉。口交的话,会不会很难顶出形状?因为脸蛋肉嘟嘟的,自己一定要用力狠狠地从嘴里操他软软的脸颊肉。      昔日的性幻想对象,现在在和自己纠缠着舌头,哪个男人不疯。   李东赫双手搂上哥哥的肩膀,徐英浩顺势把对方抱起,让他坐在自己腰上。   李东赫就自然感受到徐英浩也硬了,动手要去解对方腰带。   “等一下,去关灯。”徐英浩出声道。   性欲控制的大脑说什么都会听,李东赫没空想,徐英浩为什么提出不像他那种自信大方性格的要求。从哥身上下来,伸手按了开关,转头就摸黑脱去了脱好上衣,黑暗中一点也不影响李东赫埋进去舔乳的速度。看似结实的胸肌其实是柔软的,有着很淡的沐浴味道,腋毛茂盛,锁骨形状漂亮,无一不在展示着健康性感的男性身体美。   东赫嘴里动作没停,同时顺手进裤子里,摸浑圆的大屁股。   徐英浩像猫儿一样,轻叫一声儿,低低地笑了胸腔带着东赫舔着的乳肉一起震动,“做过扩张了,直接进来吧。”   李东赫像条被大肉包子直接砸脸上的大狗,一边脱裤子掏鸡巴,一边把高大的徐英浩扑倒在床上——旧床发出吱呀一声的抗议。   徐英浩看他着急的样子又笑了,眯着眼睛,活脱脱一只偷腥的猫儿,大手抓住李东赫硬着的鸡巴帮他找到湿漉漉的后穴插了进去,东赫非常顺畅地进入到徐英浩温润的身体里,难以抑制地发出一声喟叹,徐英浩看他的表情满意地抱着东赫接吻。   发情的猫儿真是太,额,李东赫的鸡巴小幅度地动了两下,大脑同时在感知嘴里纠缠着的舌头,和被吃进去的鸡巴。   黑暗中视线被剥夺其他感知自然而然地放大了。   徐英浩的上下两张嘴都好会吸,全是水自己舌头和鸡巴都湿漉漉的,肚子上贴着徐英浩粗硬的鸡巴,是那种所有的gay都会口水直流的尺寸,李东赫不由得出神这样想。   徐英浩用屁股夹他鸡巴,像是不满地示意东赫专心,李东赫没有心思再考虑男人尊严尺寸大小的问题,勤勤恳恳开始埋头苦干。   徐英浩像是要连带着他嘴里空气都吸走一样,李东赫还在坚持九浅一深的频率,努力在前辈面前表现自己,前辈就是前辈,很有经验的扭腰,在每次用力捅进去的时候,就使劲儿夹着东赫的鸡巴。   李东赫快要把不住精关,屁股实在是太会吃了,夹得自己好舒服。在要射精的前一刻,李东赫咬牙抽出鸡巴,把液体射在了身下人的性感腹肌上。   在关着灯的房间里借窗外的路灯也看不清,但是李东赫确定他看到徐英浩伸手把自己肚子上的液体涂在奶头上还揉了揉,紧接着就把那个手指伸到嘴巴里舔,发出口水的声音,然后色情的嗦着那根指头,想是看好戏一样在黑暗里安安静静的。   李东赫觉得自己被一只发情叫春儿的大猫盯着,帝国兵团的新人李东赫,在退役的兵团传奇徐英浩面前溃不成军,输了彻底。   徐英浩好整以暇的发出色情的声音,模仿性交的动作舔着那根手指上自己的精液。   李东赫刚射完的鸡巴重披战袍再上战场,手握着鸡巴朝黑暗里那个不饶人的小嘴抵过去。   “哥,帮我舔舔,又硬了。”   嘴上说着请求的话,李东赫不等对方的回答和动作,就急不可耐地握着又硬起来的鸡巴在黑暗里朝着那张嘴巴顶上去。   徐英浩张口把嘴唇贴上来吞下去整个龟头。   “嘶——”主动权眼看被抢走,徐英浩已经开始熟练地开始嗦鸡巴,还发出咕叽咕叽的声音,李东赫努力想在黑暗中看清这个下流的画面。   以前每次夜深人静对着床头贴着的巴掌大证件照撸管的时候,仔细观察过,徐英浩是天生微笑唇,面无表情的时候嘴角也是向上的像是在微笑。作为兵团排名榜上常年一骑绝尘的第一,徐英浩自然是所有人仰慕崇拜的对象,遥不可及的高岭之花,似有若无的微笑仿佛在展示他的笃定自信,而不是平易近人。   越是想到这些,李东赫的占有欲就越疯长冒出下流肮脏的想法,比如想狠狠地操进他柔软厚实的嘴里,射在他迷人的脸蛋上,想羞辱他想看他在床上露出放荡的表情。   曾经靠着无数次意淫,在想象里放肆地羞辱折磨喜欢的前辈,但是自己的性冲动和施虐欲,总是得不到完美疏解。   现在的现实,和以往的性幻想贴合起来,徐英浩和自己的想象中一样放荡美味,不,实感更加磨人。   东赫把鸡巴抽出来,徐英浩刚吃几口还没起劲儿被拿走了,显然愣着了。   彼时,这种眼神无疑会激起东赫心底头那种折磨与虐待的冲动,一直刺激着大脑皮层,现在是有点分不清是不是想象中了。用龟头杵着愣住的徐英浩半张着的嘴唇,软软的,厚实的唇肉很性感,给涂上前列腺液,黏糊糊的还拉着丝。   徐英浩反应过来马上从善如流地伸出舌头,开始舔小孩的龟头。用舌尖挑逗马眼,还绕圈舔着龟头,划过冠状沟再用舌面厚厚实实地贴上龟头饥渴地把口水、前列腺液吸着,发出哧溜的水声,像是吃着什么美味。徐英浩习惯掌控,可能是因为面对着一个弟弟,也可能是因为对方是后辈,经验少——各方面上的经验少。   李东赫是想多玩一会的,可是这更刺激。他感到黑暗里,徐英浩一边发出下流的声音,一边还盯着他看,是想看他被吸得手足无措全部交代的丑态吗?   李东赫握起鸡巴朝徐英浩嘴上甩了甩,带着羞辱的动作。   徐英浩却毫不在意还怜爱地亲了亲东赫鸡巴的柱身,又要伸出舌头舔,李东赫只好用鸡巴拍了拍徐英浩脸颊肉,这样的动作把黏糊糊的液体弄得徐英浩的嘴角,脸上都是。   “哥,张大点,我要操你的嘴。”   徐英浩立马张好嘴巴,还乖乖地用嘴唇包好牙齿,用舌头无声的表示自己的迫不及待 。   东赫的鸡巴操进去龟头抵在喉咙口了,怕这样徐英浩不舒服,可他哥已经开始用力地吸着嘴里的鸡巴,让整个嘴里空气变少,嘴里的肉紧紧贴在鸡巴上,比操穴还要刺激舒服。   徐英浩还熟练地仰起脖子贴心地好调整脖子和喉咙口的角度,这样就能让龟头深深地顺着操进喉咙里。这是只有老手才有的经验之谈,徐英浩模拟吞咽的动作,不断刺激着敏感的龟头。   这是第二次了,李东赫在心底咬牙坚持,大脑充血,疯狂操干着徐英浩的嘴巴。   在贫民区破旧的汽车旅馆里,李东赫操着自己痴恋多年的前辈。一想到对方躺在身下吃着自己的鸡巴:如果这是一场自己做的梦,那就不必再掩饰所有变态的心思,李东赫拍了拍徐英浩努力的脸蛋以示鼓励。   “哥,你吃的我好爽。我想射在你嘴里。”   徐英浩激动地摸上李东赫,嘴里塞着鸡巴不能说话,用手抚慰嘴边的卵蛋,催促他赶快动作不要有顾虑。   李东赫狠狠次操了十几下,痛痛快快地射满了徐英浩的喉咙,爽得感觉自己的灵魂都要随着射精一起交代在徐英浩嘴巴里了,这是从生理到心理都极大的满足。   徐英浩被射在嘴里的时候,放松喉咙顺利吃了下去,鼻子猛吸一大口。   东赫的鸡巴插在自己嘴里,所以阴毛就扫在面前,人中,脸上,呼吸到的全是是健康的年轻男孩的味道。   徐英浩真的迷死了这股散发着性欲的肉体味道,还有被插干的感觉都让人上瘾。   东赫抽走的时候,徐英浩下意识仰起头,舌头追上来舔了舔刚射完精的龟头,又在柱身上划过一条黏糊糊地水痕,满意地舔了舔根部,埋进这里从未修理的毛发里深吸一口,露出痴迷餍足的神情。   可惜,李东赫没能看清留恋的动作和细节的表情,他摸了摸哥哥的头,徐英浩就抬起脸来伸出舌头示意自己吃下去了。在黑暗的房间里水津津的一条舌头还有咂嘴的声音,李东赫败下阵来,“哥不做了今晚就这样睡吧。”   徐英浩懒洋洋地躺好,什么也没说。也不知道是满意了还是没得到应有的反应。   李东赫挠挠头,躺下来贴在哥哥身边,装乖问道,“哥,要不要清理一下再睡。”   不知道是不是听到了一声傲娇的“哼”,徐英浩起身去了浴室,没等东赫反应过来跟上,已经被关在门外了。   面对当下哭笑不得有点尴尬的样子,东赫的大脑其实还在刚结束的口交性爱里恍恍惚惚着,不敢确认现在的真实性,是不是真的口交了还是自己又做了一个过于真实的梦,反应不过来应该干什么。   迷迷糊糊里,小孩毕竟是小孩,等他哥出来的时候迷迷糊糊睡着了。   徐英浩简单洗好后出来,看着床上就那样大大咧咧露着鸟,已经瘫着睡过去的李东赫,帮他盖好被子。      然后,徐英浩开始静静地想,现在家里还有收养的那个孩子,他要是第二天发现自己没有回家怎么办?   是的,这是徐英浩的秘密之一,他其实捡回来一个养子,两年来一直和自己的样子小娜相依为命。   自己是不可能把东赫带回家介绍给养子的,感觉两个人年纪差不了几岁。睡了一个小孩就睡了,但是让养子知道,总感觉怪怪的。   李东赫可以当一夜情对象,而且说实话,徐英浩认为这次性爱体验良好,好吧,特别顾及他是一个小孩没玩太多。   更何况关于自己身体还有第二个秘密,傻小子,什么都不知道呢。      徐英浩想好后起身穿好衣服,悄无声息地转身离开了这个房间,心底有点遗憾,好久不开荤,两次怎么够?何况他的身体想被满足的不止这些。   徐英浩把这些念头和想法全抛下,头也不回地离开了旅馆。         门关上后,黑暗中床上的人影起身来到窗前,李东赫在安静的房间一言不发,就那样看着前辈高大的背影走进夜色里。   其实他从被徐英浩抱进被子里就醒了,本来就是等徐英浩洗好出来的。李东赫没想放过这个机会,没有借着性事后的余韵,把长久以来愿望实现后的激动心情表达一番。   心底有多雀跃,开口就有多自卑,此时就有多冷静。   他甚至怀疑只是一场春梦,因为徐英浩那么骚那么好吃,比自己想象过的更甚。可是空气里还有交媾的淫靡味道,还有黑暗里听得分外真切的那种黏糊糊的水声。   李东赫像被喂饱了大肉包子后又无情赶走的流浪狗,明天,应该再去找他哥吗?他哥一看就是419高手,他本来就已经是不起眼的雇佣新兵一个,再去没眼色的追上去显得更是没有成年人之间的默契了。   他不想让哥把他当小孩,更不像被当成一夜情对象。