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We are committed to making this a positive service for everyone, and to be free of oppression and hate speech. Remember, everyone has a right to their own opinion, but when your opinions negatively affect the freedoms of others, it's no longer a right.

xkcd comic about free speech

(XKCD comic)

Absolutely no content that promotes fascism, racism, sexism, homomisia, transmisia, bi-, pan-, or acemisia will be allowed. Likewise, no stories featuring rape or pedophilia will be allowed, even for shock value.

Please add content warnings before stories featuring gore, explicit sexual acts, and other content some users might find disturbing. Use italics to denote the content warning, like so:

CW: This is a content warning.

Commercial use ❌

This instance is meant for personal use only!

Collections/Blogs/Posts that are purely created for advertising will be removed without notice.

If you would like to use this platform for commercial stuff (for example advertising), go somewhere else.

(Yes, that means we read all your posts)

Final thoughts

We strive to be as hands-off as possible and allow you to write to your hearts content, whatever your topic of choice is. However, this is a free service and we have no intention on spending money on legal fees as a result of people misusing this instance. Expect any content deemed illegal in Germany/EU to be taken down immediately and your account to be suspended.

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