Admin notes

Hi everyone!

This instance has just been updated to the latest version of WriteFreely (v0.13.2) – it just took me 2 months & a mail from one of our users. 😪

Apperently the last big Mastodon update (v4) broke some compatability with WriteFreely – resulting that you could not follow new blogs from Mastodon instances. (You can read about it here, where other humans brought up the issue.)

Already followed blogs/follow relationships where not affacted, so I did not noticed the bug myself. Instead I got a mail from one of our users this morning, alerting me to this bug.

Long story short: fixed & updated to the latest version 🎉 If you wanna know what's new, have a look at the official changelog.

I have disabled direct registration on this instance a few weeks ago – right before the current influx of new users on the Fediverse.

Good timing, I guess.

I tried to keep manually deleting all these spam posts, but it was to much too handle (or more: I was too lazy to check the database regularly for new spam posts).

The current registration system is working out great for the moment. People even add some introduction/CV on their mails – and they are all great. I never required this (nor do I plan to require it in the future), but it is very lovely. 🧡 Thanks!

BTW: There was a new #WriteFreely release a few days ago and I'm planning to update this instance soon™.

~ Jan

I have deleted ca. 5000 entries on this instance today. SO. MUCH. SEO. BULLSHIT…

If I have deleted your post by accident too, please feel free to contact me by mail. I have a backup and will restore your posts as soon as possible.

WriteFreely needs a way to deal with this SEO spam issue. Maybe I'll look into adding a captcha for registration – even though these are rarely accessible for handicapped people.