I fear for my life. I do know that my fear is somewhat exaggerated. But I still feel it though. I do care about people, other, etc. I have been very happy because I stopped caring about the world, people, governments, etc.

But seeing Sri Lanka, I think something similar may happen. Of course may not be a valid reason to believe so.

It is just that I have given up hope on India.

Maybe things are becoming better. Maybe I am the one not seeing things as they are. But to me it is not improving at the rate it should be. In some ways it is becoming so much worse.

Using hatred to get votes may seem logical. But is it really only about getting votes. I mean will things be the same after all this decade. I do not know. But I do fear for myself and others.

I may be a coward. But I don't really want to be one even online. I do lack the courage to stand in elections.