How to save money on art supplies

Hi all!

I'm Eugenia, a book illustrator, mostly for children's and “cottagecore” illustrations. I paint traditionally, mostly using watercolor and gouache. When I started I wanted to try out all the paints and art tools in the world. I spent literally thousands of dollars into buying more and more paints, only to eventually realize that I didn't need that much. To create professional work, all you need is a few specific tools, that shouldn't cost more than $250 or so. Here is a list of what I'd suggest buying if you're interested in becoming a traditional illustrator.

Missing my home

Greek fisherman

Skull and butterflies

I included various mediums above in white color because highlights are king in illustration, and each provides a different look and feel, depending on the painting.

What happens at night

So, that's it, happy painting! You can view my artworks at the federated, open source PixelFed site: