I need to setup an online identity. I am a real person and while I could supply genuine personal information to open many accounts, that would be pointless. What I want is a level playing field vs those organizations who wish to know everything about me, you, and everyone under the sun. There's no guarantee that I won't be located but if it requires target effort and significant effort/cost, that's good enough.

Next, I'll work on helping others acheive the same freedom. It's not going to be easy, but in order to create sanity in this world we need a little space, a little breathing room to be able to express our true feelings and views on the way the world is.

At this moment, I'm brand new. I created an email address at yandex but am not sure if it'll be accepted widely enough. So far, not so good. If you have any ideas, well I don't even know if comments are accepted here and there's no way to contact me just yet, so the suspense will have to be good enough. See you later!