My dog is called...

Over the last couple of years, I've been keeping a record of the names my wife uses for my dog.

So, according to my wife, my dog is called;

Piddlepops Scruffbag Babybear Hairybear Snufflehound Snugglebuggle DirtyMcFilthy FilthyMcDirty Squirt Fluffball Schnuffly Pookyface Pookybear Poobag Fleabag Shitbag Fartfeatures Myfanwy Popster Pupster Pain-in-the-arse Fluffmonster Tiddlypig Grumblebum Missymoo Gwindle Gwindleberry Flumperbum Gwynnibago Trottlebottom

I call her Gwynnik. Which is her name.