rhymes with inanity

I'll just pop online and get a box of screws for that little job I need to do...

Inevitably, ordering anything online will result in email Inbox spam of epic proportions. Even for just a box of screws. They have an email address for you now (clever alias service one or not). You are in 'the system'.

And of course, you are not Mr, Mrs, or anything else you prefer to be. You are their friend now.

  1. Hi [first_name]! Thank you for your order. We'll send the invoice out soon

  2. Hi [first_name]! Here's the invoice for your recent order ten minutes ago. Yes, we probably could have just sent one email for the order AND the invoice, but hey, it looks likes there's a process better this way, eh?


My dog is called...

Over the last couple of years, I've been keeping a record of the names my wife uses for my dog.


This may be bold... it is!

This is a tentative first entry on the scribblanity blog on, just to try get a feel for how the writing experience is. As you might be able to tell from the title, I'm not markdown fluent yet.

At present, I'm pretty much just clicking things to see what happens. I have questions, which hopefully I can answer and go 'Ahhh...' as realisation strikes and adds another valuable learning experience.



A small poem, inspired by watching a blackbird out on the lawn through my office window.

hop hop hop hop hop hophophophophophophop hop