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Being a user who recently underwent a completely adventurous email conversion journey, I would like to share my experience to help and guide my fellow users who wish to convert OST to EML.

Convert OST to EML for Windows Live Mail

You might have heard of a lot of accounts of users in this regard, but my journey took a complete turn many times all the way till the end. I do not intend to bore you with the minute details; however, a mention of few of the major lessons from this experience is a must. Here is what you must and must not do if you wish to convert OST to EML.

  • Do not take the risk of manual conversions if you are anything less than an expert on the subject. Converting OST to EML is tricky and odious all at the same time. By opting for manual conversions you risk losing a lot of time and effort. In addition, incomplete and useless results are a definite outcome.

  • If you think that converting one file after the other is a good idea then think again. It will take days to convert the entire database if you too, like me, have a large database. It is better to be prudent in the beginning than to leave the job mid-way while being entirely flustered.

  • Choosing an email conversion tool is very important. These third party conversion tools can go a long way in saving your time and effort. However, these can disappoint too if not chosen carefully.

  • From my experience, I would suggest the use of OST Extractor Pro to convert OST to EML, as this tool is safe, fast, reliable, and much more.

My only take away from this journey is that with a tool so slick, even the beginners can obtain professional results just like experts.

Highlights of using OST Extractor Pro to convert OST to EML!

OST Extractor Pro – You can use it to convert OST to PST, EML, MBOX, Postbox, Apple Mail as well as Mozilla Thunderbird.

convert ost to eml

Without a doubt, there were some major highlights of using OST Extractor Pro to convert OST to EML. I have tried to narrate them in the best possible way in the following pointers. I hope these come in handy for you to take the final decision:

• Utilize the batch conversion option to convert large database • Use auto load to upload the database, however, enjoy the flexibility of doing so manually too • Experience a user-friendly interface that makes the whole process seem like a cake walk • Get everything converted from text files to attachments • Get non-English data converted • Convert password protected files too • There is no data modification at all; get folder hierarchy maintained • Experience the fastest OST to EML conversion ever • Experience precision in results

These are my take outs from the whole conversion experience with OST Extractor Pro. If still not content, then try this tool with its free trial version and decide for yourself. The copy of the tool can be obtained by simply clicking on the link below.

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