The Man Following Me

CW: horror, stalking, violence, implied self harm

I am being followed by a man. I do not see him most of the time; I can feel his presence almost always. A hand reaching out of the darkness, but not touching; a stare coming from behind me; a short whisper in my ear. I know how to keep him at bay. I've studied the rituals, know the potions, speak the incantations. It stops him for the most part, but I am not perfect and I forget the ritual.

He can sense when I am weak, and waits for me to be vulnerable. Then his action is swift. Even when he feels far away, he is on me in an instant. I can run, but he will hunt me all the same. He takes pleasure in my punishment; peeling my skin with his nails, mauling my face with his fist. He is sudden in his onslaught, but patient with my pain. Evil whispers in my ear, vile words meant to torment my mind alongside my body. He takes my head by my hair, and slams it into the wall. Blood runs into my mouth, as my vision begins to fade. He offers to stop. He gives me a way out. Tells me, he will never be back again.

I must resist. I must remain. I know that he will leave me bloody and broken, but not finished. The rituals must be done quickly, lest he comes back. With these precautions, I should be safe for a time.

I look into the mirror, and he stares back at me.