5 Ways to Stay Motivated During Summer ACT Prep

Summer is usually the time high school students get to relax and take a break from their academics. However, many students should and do spend time over the summer prepping for the ACT in the fall. These test scores can have a huge impact on college admissions and scholarship decisions, so it is important that test scores accurately represent student performance and success. Below are a few ways you can stay motivated when preparing for the ACT during summer break.

Schedule study time Keeping a regular study schedule can help you manage academic and personal time most effectively. At the beginning of summer, define a set time each week that you will spend studying for the ACT. Be realistic. If your weekends are social, find a more quiet time during the week to practice. If you regularly play basketball with your friends or are expected to spend time with family in the evenings, those are times you would also avoid for scheduling ACT prep. If you are not a morning person, find time in the early afternoon that better suits you. Just remember: it is important that you continue to nurture your personal interests over summer so that you do not resent and eventually blow off studying for the test.

Stay focused on the goal To stay motivated, continue to focus on the end goal. It will be hard to earn a high score on the ACT without proper and extensive preparation. Imagine taking the test and visualize your success. These images may inspire you to stick to your regularly scheduled study sessions.

Find a study partner It can be challenging to focus on studying when all of your peers are lying by the pool. Make ACT prep more fun with a partner. Find a friend who is just as serious about doing well on the ACT and study together to make the prep time as enjoyable as possible. When you start to feel unmotivated, disinterested, or challenged, your partner can encourage you to get back on track to ACT success.

Measure your progress Every few weeks, schedule a practice exam for yourself to take at home. You can find practice write my essay for me cheap online or in ACT prep books at your local library or bookstore. Time the test and do the best you can. As you take practice tests, you can track and measure your improvement. This also helps to identify areas in which you need to concentrate your studies. Additionally, taking practice ACT exams regularly will acclimate you to the test structure rather than just the content.

Reward yourself Students should celebrate their progress by rewarding themselves. If you stick to your study plan for a full week or month, improve your practice test scores, or achieve another test prep milestone, treat yourself to something you enjoy. Identify small goals and corresponding rewards. Doing so in advance will help you stay motivated.

These are just a few tips to stay motivated while prepping for the ACT over summer. It may seem inconvenient, but the payoff for higher ACT scores will make this prep time worthwhile.